School Residencies

The best thing I’ve seen in all my years of teaching!
An amazing community-building experience!
A perfect way to start off the year!

Marian Rose’s dance residency, conducted in English or French, is an intensive whole-school experience in which the gym time for an entire week is devoted to learning a variety of folk dance styles. While learning the steps and patterns, students also learn:

  • Social skills required to dance with a partner and in a group
  • Respect for each other and the dance
  • Increased awareness and appreciation of dance and traditional music
  • Context, history and vocabulary of dance

For teachers this residency constitutes valuable professional development, as they experience innovative teaching techniques and have the opportunity to see their students from a different perspective. They gain skills, resources and the confidence to continue dancing with their students throughout the year. The school also benefits from an increased sense of pride and connection with the wider community.

As part of every residency, the school hosts a community family dance on Thursday evening with live music, giving students an opportunity to share their new-found skills with their parents and families. On Friday afternoon a whole-school assembly gives students the chance to show off some of the more impressive dances they have mastered.

Fees and other requirements

Community, Family and Wedding Dances

You supply the occasion; we’ll supply the music and dance caller. Your special event will be long remembered for the joy of sharing the dance experience with friends and family. This is a great way to celebrate at:

  • Weddings
  • Neighbourhood parties
  • Fundraising events
  • Conferences
  • Outdoor Festivals
  • Staff Christmas Parties
  • Church Socials

Depending on your vision of the event and your budget, you can hire Marian and her accordion, or the deluxe option with a full band and sound system. Contact us to discuss details and fees.

Do It Yourself

Feeling adventurous? Can’t afford to hire Marian? Then why not do it yourself? With Step Lively in hand, you have all you need to hold a fun dance party for your family and friends.

Workshops for Teachers and Community Leaders

Marian Rose offers professional development workshops of interest to:

  • Teachers (Elementary, Secondary, PE, Music, French immersion, ESL)
  • Youth leaders, recreation leaders (scouts, girl guides, camp counselors, church youth groups)
  • Seniors activity leaders
  • Community group leaders

Participants will be introduced to a generous repertoire of dances that have stood the test of time, and will learn some effective ways of presenting them. They will also learn how the music and the dance fit together, how to decipher a dance from the written page and how to adapt dances for special circumstances. There will be books and CD’s for sale as well as information about other dance resources.

Contra and Square Dances

Marian is a highly respected caller of Contra, Square and English Country dancing. Known for her varied repertoire and articulate, friendly presentation, she is in high demand among dance aficionados as well as newcomers to the activity.

Musical Performances

Everyone loves the magical, evocative sounds of the accordion!  Marian provides atmospheric music in a wide variety of contexts including weddings, birthday parties, farmer’s markets and senior’s homes. Her repertoire includes:

  • Parisian café music
  • Klezmer
  • Scandinavian
  • Prairie wedding dances (polkas, waltzes, schottische, Butterfly)
  • Sing-along tunes (in English and French)
  • Jigs and reels from Quebec, Ireland and the USA.

Available solo (accordion, clarinet) or as a duo or trio with fiddle, flute or guitar.

Private Lessons

Marian offers private music lessons in

  • Accordion
  • Social dancing (waltz, polka, etc)

Call for fees.