Marian Rose's Community Dance Project

Association Québécoise des Loisirs Folklorique. Resources, history, and events.
Société Pour la Promotion de la Danse Traditionelle Québécoise.    
France Bourque-Moreau specializes in Quebecois traditional dance for children.
Metis Cultural Heritage Resource Centre. Through their links page, you can find out most everything you want to know about the Metis.
Quebec-based Editions de l’Envolée have an extensive catalogue of music, dance and arts-related resources en francais.
Alberta-based source for elementary music curriculum for classroom teachers and music specialists. A few French resources.
Yearly festival of French culture. Near Vancouver, in February/March.
Carrefour Mondial de l’Accordéon - yearly festival in Montmagny, Quebec held on Labour Day weekend.
Festival Chants de Vielles in September, near Montreal.

Vast collection of French songs, games and dances. Search for comptines-danse.
Editions Fuzeau have a wonderful collection of dances, songs, games, and stories.
Centre Occitan de Recherche, de Documenta-tion et d’Animation Ethnographiques
L'Atelier de la Danse Populaire - association for dancers, musicians and researchers.
Fabulous magazine, with everything you need to know about festivals, concerts and workshops in France.
Agnès Perez, queen of Basque dancing.
Another great source of Basque dancing.
Site for le Grand Bal de l’Europe, with one week in July and one in August.
Festival of luthiers, music and dance.
July Festival in Bretagne.
Fédération des Associations de Musiques et Danses Traditionelles
Dances, concerts, workshops, school programs. Focus on the Auvergne region.

Elsewhere or Everywhere
A pile of dance quotes, and great videos.
The Society for Creative Anachronism is an international organization dedicated to researching and recreating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe.
Wiki-based website with dances, music, videos, and discussion forum.
Library of Congress Dance Instruction Manuals, including video clips of Renaissance dance steps.
Great database of all kinds of dance, not just French. History, quotes, and videos.
Site for hurdy gurdy enthusiasts, including a fall festival, luthiers, and musical notation. Based in Washington state.



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